Maggie Moor is a visionary, healer, psychotherapist and author of I AM: Your Guide to Mind and Body Union for Total Awareness.

Ms. Moor has spent the past ten years studying and developing ways of helping people heal trauma and connect to their internal emotional lives and their natural sources of energy and power. She devoted several years to the study of Buddhist meditation practice, which included a concentrated study at a Varanasi Temple in Northwestern India. Maggie Moor lives in New York where she has counseled individuals in Eastern Spirituality, Yoga, and Integrative Mind and Body Therapy for ten years, specializing in working with people who experience difficulties in intimacy and in their relationships.

Ms. Moor is also certified to practice psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Her psychoanalytic paper, “Coloring Outside the Lines: Sadomasochistic Defense and the Search for Identity,” was nominated for the NAAP Gradiva Award. She has worked at The Treatment Service with patients recovering from anxiety, and at Rikers Island facilitating groups for women recovering from trauma and addiction.

Currently Maggie specializes in working with women who are healing from sexual abuse, and people who want to develop deeper intimacies in their relationships with self and others.


Maggie talks about I AM: Your Guide to Mind and Body Union for Total Awareness

About the Book

I AM: Your Guide to Mind and Body Union for Total Awareness is an inspiring and intriguing self help guide that will show you how to lead a happier life with a greater sense of awareness regarding the need for a harmonious coexistence between your body and your mind. The meditation and journaling exercises at the end of each chapter will assist you in realizing the reality of a heightened sense of enlightenment in how you approach the day-to-day pressures of life.


 I AM: Your Guide to Mind and Body Union for Total Awareness is a contemporary perspective that opens up a new understanding of the connection between your body and your brain. I present this text as a self-help guidebook for people of all ages who may be healing and rejuvenating from physical and mental anxiety, and trauma—and those who simply want to expand their overall awareness through mind-and-body union. I present this text to anyone who wants to advance their mind and lift their subtle vibration toward a state of enlightenment. 

I have constructed this eleven chapter system to help clarify the process by which you can begin to incorporate this kind of awareness into your everyday perspective. Each chapter engages a psychological and spiritual discussion of specific topics that will help you learn to understand your mind and body connection and enhance a peaceful awareness in your being. For example, we will discuss topics like energetic awareness, honoring your body, acceptance, love, healthy pleasure, emotion, and so forth. At the close of each chapter, I present guided journaling exercises and meditation practices, which I have designed and found useful for helping people heal from the specific psychological and emotional issues presented in each discussion. This book will teach you to lead a happier, more joyful life with a greater sense of awareness regarding the need for a harmonious coexistence between your mind and your body. The journaling and meditation exercises at the end of each chapter will assist you in realizing a heightened sense of enlightenment in how you approach the day-to-day pressures of life.

I AM Book Chapters

Chapter 1: Energetic Awareness
Enlightenment matters. Energy and synchronicity. Energetic awareness. Chaos theory. Space time continuum. Healing and rejuvenating. Attuning.

Mindful meditation practice 1: Breath
Metaphysical and philosophical concepts for understanding healing through mind and body Union. Enlightenment Synchronicity. Space time continuum. Chaos theory.

Chapter 2. Honoring your body.
A positive relationship with your body. Positive and negative self talk. Physical fitness. Somatic awareness.
Mindful self journaling practice 2: Honor Your Body

Chapter 3. Acceptance.
Understanding true acceptance. Notice, reflect, observe. The acceptance paradox.  The unknown. Pitfalls of society and media. Looking at motivation. Internal rejection. You have a choice. Life is meant to be adored. Stuck on remembering and planning. Presence. Acceptance and Life Force. Wrap up.
Mindfulness Journaling Practice 3: Acceptance.
Mindfulness acceptance practice 3: Soul Consciousness

Chapter 4. The Biology of Love.
Nature. Quest for Union. Taking it in. Love and Trauma. Recovering your willingness to love and be loved. The evolution of pleasure. We seek love, pleasure is at its core. Love attained and love denied. Fear and gluttony. Narcissism. Self- destructive pleasure. Abstinence toward divine. Sexual union. Humility. Cultivating organic pleasure. Loving touch.
Mindfulness Journaling practice 4: Healing, Safety and Pleasure.
Practice 4: Journaling on touch.
Practice 4: Cultivating healthy pleasures.
Mindful meditation. Practice 4: Cultivating Healthy Pleasure through Safe touch.

Chapter 5: What is a Feeling?
Brain and nervous system. Plasticity of brain. Physiology of emotion and conscious emotion. Emotions and survival. Maladaptive defense. What role do emotions play? What role does your body play? Consciousness, emotion, desire. Feel your feelings. Interoception.
Mindfulness Journaling Practice 5: Interoception
Meditation practice 5: Interoception: Body scan practice.

Chapter 6: Anxiety, Addiction, Obsession.
What is anxiety. Free floating anxiety. Negative self talk. Existential anxiety.  Motivation. Persona. Addiction. Substances. Being alone with yourself.  Obsession. Personal letter. True confidence.
Mindfulness Journaling Practice 6: Anxiety. free floating anxiety. Negative self talk. Persona.
Mindfulness meditation practice 6: Spirit and Source

Chapter 7: Emotions and Your Heart.
Emotions in your body. Thymus gland. Appreciation. Positive emotion practices like appreciation, opening heart, empathy.
Mindfulness Journaling Practice 7: Becoming Curious
Mindfulness Meditation Practice 7: Heart Opening

Chapter 8. Soul Evolution; Releasing Egoic Fears
Soul Consciousness. Atoms and Molecules.  Recognizing patterns. Learning from life.  Awakening. Listening to your soul. Seven Deadly Sins. You are divine. Contemplating truth. Yearning for change.
Mindfulness Journaling Practice 8: Soul Consciousness
Mindfulness meditation practice 8: Listening to your intuition/ soul.

Chapter 9: Chakras; Understanding and Balancing your Body Energy.
The meaning of Chakras. Listen to your body. Melting chakra blocks. Remind yourself. Balancing chakra energy. Healing trauma. Your step by step chakra lesson.
Mindfulness Journaling Practice 9: Chakra cleansing/ Emotional
Mindfulness meditation practice 9: Rainbow healing.

Chapter 10. Fantasy and Daydreams.
Where does fantasy originate? Repression. Pressure. Trauma and fantasy. Expressive mode. Discharge through words. Honoring fantasy. Themes of fantasy. Freedom to fantasize. Fantasy as discharge. Observing fantasy.
Mindfulness Journaling Practice 10: Fantasy Daydream Memory.
10: Stream of Consciousness Journaling
10: Themes of Fantasy

Chapter 11. Mind and Body; Energy Circulation Practices.
Root Chakra Energy. Golden light/ Active Breath. Passion Pump. Reverie. Aftercare.

Closing thoughts and prayers. 


“I have known Maggie Moor for years and watched her bloom into an amazing guide. She is tender and wise, and offers her own gentle insights, along with practical and meaningful exercises for healing and awakening the body/mind union. I will be sharing “I AM: Your Guide to Mind and Body Union for Total Awareness” with the many people I know longing for spiritual and emotional understanding of psychical blocks and energetic empowerment.”
– Laurie Handlers, sex educator, author, talk show host, film producer. Best-selling book “Sex & Happiness: The Tantric Laws of Intimacy”

“Maggie Moor’s ““I AM: Your Guide to Mind and Body Union for Total Awareness”” is an intimate guide to achieving the kind of emotional, spiritual, and sensual wholeness we all have the potential to reach, if we are lucky enough to find the right teacher.  Drawing on her own life experience, Eastern practices of mindfulness, yoga, and sensuality, as well as contemporary Western psychoanalytic thought and brain science, this book is a uniquely personal and loving gift to all of us.”
– Steven Poser, Ph.D. psychoanalyst and writer

“Maggie Moor has a voice unlike any I’ve ever encountered. Both hip and illuminating. A voice that lifts the mind to a place it’s never been.”
-Kate Lardner, author of Shut Up He Explained: The Memoir of a Blacklisted Kid 

Do you feel past trauma, limiting perspectives, or repetitive patterns are holding you back from creating the Advanced Mind and powerful life you want today? I will help you develop your full potential.

“You are an eternal vastness of richness, minerals, and energy sources. You are already enlightened. All that you seek is right inside of your own mind and body. You can develop awareness by listening to your body energy, mind, heart, truth, and intuitive consciousness.” 
~ Maggie Moor

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