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Physical Energy & Honoring Your Body

Yogic masters say that your body is: “Matter ascending toward spirit; spirit incarnating in matter.”

I am here to teach and inspire:

“At any age you can heal and awaken your body and mind—the power of the mind and body in union is limitless.” ~ xo

Do you want to learn how?

First let me ask you:

How do you treat your mind and body?

If we don’t treat our own minds and bodies like a temple, we limit our ability to achieve a rich life experience. We often even cause mental and physical illness to ourselves. Tension and weakness of body lead to chronic restriction of circulation of blood and energy in the body. You will not have sufficient energy, concentration, or stamina to prolong and consciously guide your living experience.

Know your Own Body’s Physical Needs.

One aspect to the solution is to put energy into learning what your body needs to run at its best performance. Daily exercise, lots of clean water, clean food, and positive thoughts are important first steps to development. Dedicate yourself to physical health and fitness, and mindful sleep patterns. Value the creation and maintenance of a fluid, supple body that is capable of changing positions easily and moving through the world without psychic or physical discomfort.

Secondly, an important part to learning to love and care for your body is to understand:

How do you speak to your own Body?

Many of us were socialized in a culture that separates flesh and sprit, and chastises the body as an abode of evil instinct. Yet, we are seduced by the media’s sex symbols that urge efforts to appear attractive and act sexy. All too often we are stuck with a self-criticism that harms our ability to understand and honor our own bodies and emotions.

If you are antagonistic or hateful toward your body and mind, you will send damaging messages to your soma, creating imbalanced vibrational pulse. This is the beginning of your becoming miserable, closed down, and ill, with greater chance of injury and disease. You may already experience something like this; we all go through periods where we are disconnected from our bodies. Some people spend an entire lifetime in a repressed, shame based state of regarding their emotions and bodies.

At Any Age You Can Learn to Honor Your Body. Let me help you.

YOUR body is your temple of unique divinity. You are in charge of your temple, you honor it by keeping it clean and healthy so that you can nurture and express the divinity within.  It is never too late. Your natural energy and vitality can be cultivated at any age. At any point, your cells will begin to grow toward healthy, balanced vibration. They want to!

First, you must learn to re-enter your own body by becoming conscious of the interplay between our own mind and body. Negative emotional patterns, and intentions and actions lead you to blocking your natural energy and vitality.

How do we shed these negative patterns and turn our attention to cultivating life?

1. Cultivating Organic Pleasure

Pleasure is a beautiful celebration of Life and cultivated Love within. The pursuit of love and pleasure is woven into all aspects of life. Pleasure creates a myriad of effects on your mind, body and relationships. Awareness of how you pursue the fulfillment and pleasure, and how you handle it when your needs are not met, is a pathway to mind and body awareness.

Many people have closed to the pleasure activities engaged naturally as children. Cultivating organic pleasures in adulthood keeps us from going after it in unhealthy ways, like addiction.

Sensuality is your doorway.

Organic pleasure from within creates a body, mind connection, a natural self-soothing. You free yourself from rigidity, calm anxiety, and open your neural pathways to circulate more oxygen, blood and healthy chemical. Pleasures in your body, organically effects your mind. You radiate into the world a source of natural energy that enhances our species’ evolutionary survival.

It is your choice and your freedom to do so!

Ask yourself:

Would you rather be a purveyor of light or a vampire, fueled by negativity and latching on to others’ energy?

2. The Biology of Love.

Humans depend on love. Love is the core of evolution, a basis for our society. Love is cellular, visceral, and physiological. Love stems from a deeply rooted, primitive need for survival, grounded in a powerful yearning for connection. . .

Love is a quality of emotion and a bio-electric current. Love is an unconscious drive and conscious emotion. In the spiritual sense, love is considered the noblest human experience. You are driven to experience love to sustain survival. We get this feeling from bonding––and is the foundation of all healing practices.

Throughout the journey of our maturing lives each of us meets unique challenges which shape our emotional capacity to give and receive love, affecting our openness to the flow of love’s energy, and bond.

We each develop unique closure and opening habits in response to our specific life challenges. Yet, inherently, we are drawn into this golden circle: the quest for love, again and again.

The motivation to sustain longevity of survival drives our species, born from our great human capacity for love and loving.

Ask yourself:

Do You seek to find the Divine in the other, through human connection? Or do you judge, compare, shut down, and push away?

You (may) have been taught that sensuality and emotion, though each a quest for connection and union, are different or even lower forms of a connection. Are they?

3. Cultivating Organic Pleasure Creates Your Own Wellspring of Inner Love.

Your essence is empowered with what your heart feels deeply. This wellspring is the “ever changing flow of love and the dance of life’s light.” The grace you carry conveys a confidence that emanates from vital well-being and self-appreciation. Your body is your intimate friend—accepted, cared for, cherished—regardless of age, shape or color.

You do not need to have bulging muscles or shapely curves.

It is important to achieve physical well-being through healthy diet, physical exercise, deep breathing, and relaxation. Being weak and out of shape will leave you tense, anxious, and distracted. Chronic restriction of circulation of blood and energy in the body breed insufficient energy, lack of concentration, and stamina to prolong and consciously inspire your LIFE.

So . . .

How do you Cultivate Organic Pleasure from Within?

You may acknowledge organic pleasures like

  1. Good, nourishing food, in healthy portions
  2. A long country or city walk, where you let your breath calm, mind wander and open to new curiosities, and body rhythm balance. . .
  3. What else?

Do you Know what brings your body pleasure?

Rarely we are given insight on “how to’s” of body pleasure. These blocks create obstacles to full enjoyment of your sensual energy and circulation.

Transforming your shame and self-consciousness toward explorations, makes you able to give and receive love, touch and pleasure from within the depths of your sensuality.

A Solution.

1. Shift any negative perception of organic pleasure and sensuality to realizing its health benefits.

2. Make it a daily practice to Honor and rediscover your own body. Value the organic process of being able to shed blocks so your body can receive and assimilate more natural, subtle and intense energies that are already inside of you now.

3. Realize that by making it your practice to become sensually alive, you will serve as a beacon to the rest of humankind, because when they are in your presence they too will experience greater vitality, pleasure, and joy.

“One who realizes the truth of the body can come to know the truth of the universe.” ~ I AM

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