About Me

As a child, I was raised by academics and artists on the campus of a prestigious arts college. My family attended Quaker meeting weekly, where I learned a deep reverence for all humankind, nature, and a dedication to peaceful living. I studied dance, music and theatre and have been blessed to travel much of the world.

I also experienced some difficult trauma in early teenage years, which turned into deep bouts of overwhelming anxiety, and suicidal depressions that lead me to homelessness, and dangerous situations. By age 30, I found myself in a spiritual, emotional, and physical bottom.

Awakening. . .
I slowly awakened to the realization that something bigger than my mind was keeping me alive–– inside of me and despite my own thoughts, and fears, is a truly deep desire to live my potential. I became consumed with listening to my heart beat, with a new curiosity, my anxiety, slowly shifted.
I awakened to wanting to be of service to helping others develop this interconnection with all of life, “the life force.” I awakened to the Spiritual understanding that life is about nurturing the interconnected love we all share. This began with nurturing the parts of me that wanted to

I dedicated myself to doing only things that made me want to live. I filled my days with activities in music, nature, and healing; things that brought me closer to my heart, thus renewed the vitality within me. This helped me understand the many techniques and practices that bring mental and physical focus and fulfillment.

My healing path included study of Tantric yoga and meditation in Varanasi, India; Reiki Mastery: Gestalt talk therapy; and eventually a degree in Psychoanalysis.

I have been gifted to be able to work with many people as a healer and therapist. I have developed the perceptive and intuitive gifts I understood as a child, to listen to the voice of my heart. This is what I teach you.

Today. . .
Athletics have become a part of my daily discipline, cleaning my mind and raising my natural body chemistry for total mental balance. I have now become a national bikini athlete and compete yearly. My creative expression is my poetry and song. I now have three albums, and several music videos. I write fictionalized manuscripts, based on personal experiences. I have worked on healing and developing personal relationships in family, and life.

I have developed an ability to find pure presence in my Being throughout the day, and a passion for helping others heal, and discover their own unlimited potential.

Today, my own practices help me be of greatest service to You. . . . .

I am here to help you develop your greatest potential, and be of greatest service to our society of humankind.

Professional achievements

  • A licensed New York State psychoanalyst: Masters and certification to practice psychoanalytic psychotherapy from the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies, NY.
  • Expert in Eastern Spirituality, Yoga, and Integrative Mind and Body Therapy: concentrated study of Buddhist meditation practice at a Varanasi Temple in Northwestern India.
  • Author of I AM: Your Guide to Mind and Body Union for Total Awareness.
  • Author of psychoanalytic paper, “Coloring Outside the Lines: Sadomasochistic Defense and the Search for Identity,” which was nominated for the NAAP Gradiva Award

Philanthropy efforts

  • Facilitated groups and worked with patients recovering from mental illness and trauma at Metro Pros Day Program.
  • Worked with patients recovering from anxiety at The Treatment Service.
  • Facilitated groups at Rikers Island for women recovering from trauma and addiction.

Other areas of interest

  • I hope to inspire your own growth by sharing these more personal aspects of my world.
  • National Bikini Athletic Competitor.
  • Jazz-Rock singer/songwriter.
  • Fiction novelist.
  • My real love is simply finding serenity through the sensation and experience of the now and being of service to the healing of humankind.

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