The Book I AM

A synthesis of science and spiritual insight, and very engaging. ~ Reader Review

My book I AM combines Eastern Spirituality and Western Brain Science to calm anxiety and develop mind, body, spirit unity.

Harmonious Coexistence Between Your Mind and Body

Increase Emotional Intelligence and Advance Your Mind

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As the result of my journey, I authored a book for you to use as a guide to increase your emotional intelligence, advance your mind to achieve total awareness and growth.

The Book

Maggie Moor’s I AM: Your Guide to Mind and Body Union for Total Awareness is an intimate guide to achieving the kind of emotional, spiritual, and sensual wholeness we all have the potential to reach, if we are lucky enough to find the right teacher.  Drawing on her own life experience, Eastern practices of mindfulness, yoga, and sensuality, as well as contemporary Western psychoanalytic thought and brain science, this book is a uniquely personal and loving gift to all of us.
– Steven Poser, Ph.D. psychoanalyst and writer

I AM: The Book

I AM: Your Guide to Mind and Body Union for Total Awareness is an inspiring and intriguing self-help guide that will show you how to lead a happier life with a greater sense of awareness regarding the need for a harmonious coexistence between your mind and your body.

Increase your emotional intelligence and advance your mind to reach your greatest potential for a rich life.

Meditation and journaling exercises will help you realize the reality of a heightened sense of enlightenment in how you approach the day to day pressures of life.

If a life centered around a union of mind and body, greater awareness, and deeper inner peace and joy is what you seek, I AM: Your Guide to Mind and Body Union for Total Awareness is your guide. I constructed this eleven-chapter system to clarify the process by which you can incorporate into your everyday perspective.

Each chapter offers a psychological and spiritual discussion of topics that will teach you to understand your mind and body connection, and enhance a peaceful awareness in your being. Topics include energetic awareness, honoring your body, acceptance, love, healthy pleasure, emotion, and so forth.

Here is a short passage from the book:
“One of my main goals for this book is to help you understand that, “You are an eternal vastness of richness, minerals, and energy sources. You are already enlightened. All that you seek is right inside of your own mind and body.” You can develop awareness by listening to your body energy, mind, heart, truth, and intuitive consciousness.”
~ Maggie Moor

Interested in learning more?

Here, I offer you to engage with my Table of Contents for I AM. If any of this creates an interest in you, I hope you purchase a copy of the book and begin reading today. I know it will help you in ways beyond your own expectations, and unleash a limitless potential you never thought you had.

Preface . ix 
Chapter 1 Energetic Awareness . 1
Metaphysical and philosophical concepts for understanding healing through mind-and-body union. Enlightenment. Synchronicity. Space-time continuum. Chaos theory.
Mindfulness Breath Meditation

Chapter 2 Honoring Your Body . 15
A positive relationship with your body. Positive and negative self-talk. Physical fitness. Somatic awareness.
Journaling and Meditation: Body and Breath Practice

Chapter 3 Acceptance . 27
What acceptance means. Living the moment and our nervous systems. Understanding your body energy. Pitfalls of society and media. Caught up in remembering and planning. Embracing the unknown.
Journaling and Meditation: Acceptance

Chapter 4 The Biology of Love . 47
Human need for love. Neuroscience of touch. Self-destructive pleasure and healthy pleasure.
Journaling and Meditation: Touch and Cultivating Pleasure

Chapter 5 Emotion . 73
What is a feeling? Psychology and physiology of memory and emotion. Maladaptive defenses.
What is interoception?
Journaling and Meditation: Interoception Practice

Chapter 6 Anxiety, Addiction, and Obsession . 87
Neuroscience and psychology of anxiety, addiction, and obsession.
Journaling: Anxiety

Chapter 7 Emotions and Your Heart . 111
Heart-and-mind connection. Thymus gland. Benefits of positive emotion practices like empathy and appreciation.
Meditation: Heart Opening

Chapter 8 Soul Evolution . 129
Analyzing psychological repetitions. Interpreting the seven deadly sins for healing and awareness. Contemplating truth.
Journaling and Meditation: Cultivating Soul-Consciousness

Chapter 9 Chakra Cleansing and Balancing Your Body’s Energy. 149
What each chakra means. Identify blocks in your chakras. Healing trauma and total awareness through balancing body energy.
Journaling and Meditation: Clear and Balance Chakras

Chapter 10 Fantasy and Daydreams . 173
What are fantasies and daydreams? How to explore your fantasies and daydreams for awareness and self-expression.
Journaling: Stream of Consciousness and Fantasy

Chapter 11 Mind and Body: Practices . 193
Physical exercises for natural energy, healing trauma, well-being, and awareness. Closing Thoughts

Closing Prayers . 201


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