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5 Most valuable areas of focus

Here are just a few simple concepts to get you thinking about what may be causing your own limitations in life. I can help you develop an empowered way of being that helps you become unstuck and eliminates deleterious patterns. Instead I help connect you to a deep and beautiful sense of self and well-being.

Emotional awareness: We get caught in reactions instead of retaining the ability to choose our perspective and responses. This creates problems in interpersonal and professional relationships and limits our possibilities for achieving our greatest potential.

Physical energy: It’s simple: if we don’t treat our own minds and bodies like a temple, or with the care that we might give a child or pet, we limit our ability to achieve a rich life experience. We often even cause mental and physical illness to ourselves.

Mental drive: We can learn all the steps to take for a healthy mind and body, but may lack the motivation to follow through with the consistent self-care. Negative self-talk or low self-confidence are the source of unhealthy habits that limit our ability to access the natural resources of energy in our minds and bodies keeps us stuck in our capacity to achieve a rich and fulfilling life.

Creative thinking: Fears of the unknown or repeating stories of the past limit our ability to achieve our greatest potential. Learn to live in the present, to access spontaneous thought, intuition, and awareness that allows for greater breadth of perspective, choice, and action. Your choices in the present create the foundation as your future unfolds. Don’t let fear hold you back.

Time: Overworked people often suffer from overwhelm. Time management and creativity with how you use and value time is an important aspect of creating the rich life experience you desire.

I want to help you achieve your greatest potential.

My book, teachings, and exercises shift your perspective to create a positive outlook and increase self-confidence. With my guidance, you will live a richer, more fulfilling life, and thus be of better service to the society of humankind.

Let me guide you. Join me for 1:1 counseling, groups, masterclasses, and live talks.


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