Client Testimonials

Client testimonial 1:
“After we had our monthly mentorship meeting, I realized over the night and when I woke up that I had a new feeling. I couldn’t figure out what it was. I realized when I woke up it was that I felt accepted. It may sound weird, but during our talk, I experienced an unconditional acceptance from you. Like you were welcoming all of me, I guess my essential nature. I can’t recall a time when I have felt this before. The way you listened to me and the understanding you showed me made me feel open, vibrant, stronger in my true self. I felt a joyful flowing when I went back to work. I long for this experience every day. I crave this feeling of being completely, unconditionally accepted so deeply because I feel that it nourishes my soul and makes me feel very alive. I used to have a fear that I have no concept for how to feel it without you because I have never felt it before. Over our monthly mentorship, you have helped me experience this kind of self-love and acceptance on my own. I am eternally grateful.”

Client testimonial 2:
“Maggie Moor is a person who has been through a lot of difficult stuff in life and now, because of it, is incredibly grounded. The life experience and  professional training she has engaged in with such commitment leaves her with a ton of unique perceptive and empathetic understanding and life wisdom to share.”
~ female, 26, single, feature film stylist

 “Thank you.  Clarity and calm. I feel grounded, conscious and deliberate after speaking with you. Smiles. Always a work in progress.  No decisions now, but at least I have my peace of mind. Letting you in on the story gives me strength.”
~ female, 51, married with three children, athletic coach

“Thank you for a very powerful session.  I went to sleep at 8:30 pm last night and woke up at 6:00 am.  Still digesting the lessons from yesterday. Much has been unfolding and continues to unfold. It was an incredibly powerful experience for me and I feel like I released a huge amount of grief and trauma.  I have found myself continuing to cry at unexpected moments – in a good way. I am beyond grateful to you for the healing journey that I have been able to embrace with your love and your guidance. I need to continue to step fully into my power in order for my path to unfold. So much love. Extremely grateful for your exquisite presence in my life.”
~ female, 59, single, international domestic abuse activist

“I am slowly on the mend. It has been deep period of reflection and re-prioritization.Thank you so much for your generous, tender and profound guidance. Looking forward to our talk tomorrow.”
~ male, 64, married with two children, public school superintendent

“I have been in search of myself for a long time. Each time I believe I’ve discovered who I am, I am opened up to new possibilities of who I am and what I can be. Often times, a vivid vision of exactly who I am destined to be. Working with you is an incredibly important aspect of the journey to find my divinity. When I began this journey, it was completely innocent and by mistake. As a person… an entity… possibly even a spirit/energy trapped in the physical seeking ascension to a higher being — or at the very least, finding alignment with source-power — I could just feel deeply, that the path I was on and the guides leading me, were all wrong.  A very visceral feeling. As life began to take shape, and we have been working together, I realized, then, maybe I am actually more than what I think I am and the universe has left it up to each of us to find our own way home. Thank you for Challenging me to become my own. This is where I am right now. This is what I seek right now. To be found. This is truly who I am. This is truly what I seek. This is what I am inspired to believe in because you assist me with becoming more aware and more aligned with myself. Thank you for empowering me.”
~ male, 40, single, CEO, financial investments.

“I just read the preface to your book. I’m so impressed and so proud, I literally started crying. I had no idea how much this is right up my alley! Your book came at such the perfect time I’m so thrilled to continue reading and doing the exercises.

Maggie, I cannot explain how I need this right now. I feel like my whole thought life and conscious is really trying to grow and I feel so connected to God. Like in the middle of the night my higher self is like trying desperately to connect and I keep having dreams of being in space but like in a cave with this shaman. For instance, out of the blue I just stopped puffing on the nicotine vaporizer which I’ve become really addicted too and I also have no desire to have wine or weed. Anyway I can’t wait to read more and I’m so appreciative to you for doing all ur research and writing this.”
~ female, 49, mother, creative designer

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