My intuitive nature and professional training, have enabled me to work therapeutically with a wide spectrum of clients.

Mind & Body
in New York City

I help heal past trauma,
emotional and
anxiety, addiction,
spiritual crises

I help with difficulties in emotional and physical intimacy and relationships are awakened to a newfound reverie

Mind & Body Therapy  NYC Sessions

My natural perceptive gifts and professional training have enabled me to work therapeutically with a wide spectrum of people.

  • Those who have past trauma, emotional and physical anxiety, addiction, and spiritual crisis have greatly benefited from the mind and body therapy I offer.
  • Those who experience difficulties in emotional and physical intimacy and relationships are awakened to a newfound reverie for honoring their bodies and connecting intimately to their own emotional lives and thus their partners.

I welcome you to contact me to be your Guide. Please tell me something about you and when a good time for a fifteen minute intake call is for you.

All sessions include :

  • Therapeutic Talk
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Chakra Body Energy  Balancing (fully clothed)
  • Breath And Bodywork (fully clothed)


  • 60 minutes: 220$
  • 90 minutes:  300$
  • 2 hrs: 420$
  • 3 hrs: 600$

6 and 12 session packages are offered.  Simply inquire to discuss.


How do we meet?

Virtual & In Person Counseling:

Currently, I enjoy offering  Telephone or Virtual meetings as many people I work with are international and moving around the globe. Of course I also offer in person meetings. I have a beautiful healing sanctuary on the upper west side, New York


How do I book a session?

I ask you to email me directly. Share with me something about yourself in the email, and why you are seeking my guidance.

I will respond within 24 hours and suggest we speak on the phone for about 15 minutes to discuss.

Please note that all first time clients must pay a 100$ deposit to confirm their appointment via Venmo or PayPal. In general, sliding scale and package rates are reserved for you once you are working with me on-going. 


Between meetings :

I always offer practices for you to cultivate on your own. I also offer some email support between meetings.

My book is a helpful tool for you to read. It will inspire guidance in meditations, journaling, and introspective discussions that we share in session together.

I will intuitively access and apply a variety of psychological and spiritually based healing modalities, for example:

Breathwork: A Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation. Offers direct, unmediated access to, or embodiment of, or participation in the divine.

Somatic Meditation: A technique for guiding your mind to a state of awareness that experiences the center of consciousness within your visceral being.

Talk Psychoanalysis: A method of analyzing psychical  and emotional experience  that involves treatment where you helped by a professional to talk openly and freely.


  • Vitality, youth, confidence
  • Fulfillment
  • Dissolve old wounds, anxiety,  self criticism, intimacy blocks
  • Develop organic sources of power, energy, joys, harmony, bliss
  • Become a powerful tour de force, able to flow through life, thrive.
  • Be of greater service to humankind.

My Promise to You . .

“I will teach you to elevate your consciousness: self-love, universal love, and oneness.”
– Maggie


In sessions,  I will teach you how the concepts I present in my talks and writings, will specifically help you heal trauma, and become enlightened.  I will guide you to incorporate the techniques and principles offered through my book and talks, into your daily life. I will help you develop your full potential.

 “Thank you.  Clarity and calm. I feel grounded, conscious and deliberate after speaking with you. Smiles. Always a work in progress.  No decisions now, but at least I have my peace of mind. Letting you in on the story gives me strength.”
~ female, 51, married with three children, athletic coach

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