Join the Covid-19 Support Circle with Maggie Moor, visionary, healer, psychotherapist and author of “I AM; Your Guide to Mind and Body Union for Total Awareness.”

What is The I AM 3.33pET The Circle?

The Live Talk Circle is every day at 3:33 p.m. ET on Facebook and Instagram in the month of April. As the months progress, we will meet on Sundays at the same 3:33p ET time, and I will communicate the date the week prior.Each day of April and onward.

This circle is simply an hour of reprieve from anxiety and fears. A space to open and inspire  your mind, and help you grow through challenges.  First we discuss current Covid 19 thoughts and feelings. Then we read and discuss a Chapter from I AM. I always offer a Guided Meditation at the End of Each Daily 3:33 p.m. Circle. After the Circle closes, I post the Live Talk and each talk remains available for you to access on my Facebook page.

What is I AM THE BOOK?

This book is a blend of Eastern Spirituality and Western science to help you develop mind, body and spirit unity. I will not sell you a 5-minute solution but will teach you sustainable concepts and practices to calm your anxiety and lead you to a pleasure-filled life, no matter what the external circumstances.

“It’s a seamless synthesis of scientific research and spiritual insight, and very engaging.” ~ Viewer Review

How can I AM help me?

So, let me ask you, How are you faring through this strange and unknown time?

Are you feeling anxious, vulnerable and scared? We all are, I feel you. Are you inspired to use this difficult time to learn to calm anxiety, turn fear to faith, transcend old wounds, develop spiritual and emotional perspective, and positive changes?

Right now, we are all learning and growing exponentially as a human race and will come through this stronger, more spiritually developed. Do you want to look back on this time years later and feel you grew through the difficulties? Could this be a sign that you are ready to start living your life purpose?

I am honored to be your Wellness Mentor.

I AM 3:33pET- Join the Circle  

“Let’s learn and grow in positive ways through strife, rather than let us act into fear and resentment.” MM

 Why do we meet every day?  

Brain Scientists say that it takes 30 days of daily practice of a new habit, to begin to see some healthy changes. Since we are all quarantined for the next 30 days of April, I thought this would be a good time for us to focus inward a bit each day on healing, awakening, meditation, breath and spiritual perspective.

Why 3:33 p.m.?

3 is made up of 3 separate parts that make a triangle or represent Trinity. This can further symbolize spiritual collaboration, cooperation and wholeness. Each part has an important role to play in the bigger picture. This spiritual concept is what we are being called to do, to become aware of, to act upon.

Most significantly, during this Covid-19 pandemic, We are being forced to live with an awareness of our interconnectedness with all living beings, and source vibration and life force. This is an aspect to our human experience at all times, and this spiritual awareness is especially being illuminated during this chaotic and life-altering time.

Given the spiritual teachings behind the concept of Trinity and Interconnectedness, when we are resonating with the spiritual properties of the number 3, it is a signal to open positive energies to uplifting experiences. This creates more love in our own bodies, which we then can share with others.

It is believed that the Angel Number 333 is a signal being given to you in the language of the Universe. Often seeing this number means you may be feeling open to more spiritual experiences and knowledge.

How Can I Grow?

Could this pandemic be a sign that You, We, are ready to start living in closer resonance with Your, Our life purpose? If you choose to explore this time for all this the Universe offers you, then this is Your opportunity to let go, become curious, and allow yourself to transcend.

Learn to Calm Anxiety

Let’s learn to feel anxiety in your body and create a reprieve. A moment where you bring yourself back to presence. Calm anxiety, open your mind, shift your perspective and develop new ways of relating to your mind, body and spirit.

What do we talk about in Circle?

 Lets Talk About Anxiety

What Is Anxiety?
Anxiety is a bodily sensation, an emotion and an idea. Anxiety usually feels like unease, worry and nervousness.

Ask Yourself:

How does anxiety feel in my body? How does my mind often choose to relate to it? How can I calm this dis-ease, beyond a quick fix (unsustainable solution) like numbing myself? Knowing the how’s and why’s may help you.

Anxiety: Let’s look within at the internal conflict.

In my therapy practice, many people have written or spoken to me about not getting quality sleep or not having energy. Many express frustration and restlessness. Many feel dissatisfied. At the root is deep, persistent anxiety. Many people never learned to address and understand themselves emotionally, and they picked up all kinds of anxieties and chaotic, emotional repetitions. If you are like most people, you may worry at times about paying bills, getting to work on time or what outfit you are going to wear today. There is no delineating more substantial anxiety from a lesser one. All anxiety is communication that some conflict is occurring. The anxiety is not from the conflict. It springs from the wish to be 
rid of or fix the conflict. Anxiety is an aspect of yourself that beckons 
for you to listen and understand. It is an invitation to know yourself more deeply. Anxiety can be sneaky, and it arrives in many forms. Let’s get to know anxiety.

Select an area to comment on

Free-Floating Anxiety

 Free-floating anxiety is a general feeling that something is just not right. You might know what I’m talking about. You wake up or be walking down the street and although nothing bad has happened, your body feels tense—and your mind is jabbering on that something is off in your world. Most often, this anxiety surfaces in thoughts. Your mind is telling you you’re not good enough or you’re too fat/skinny, too greedy, not powerful enough at work, or not loved enough. 
Usually, it resides as an undercurrent of feeling that colors your day.
This free-floating anxiety—actually all forms of anxiety—often 
arises when you have begun negating your internal world, suppressing feelings, or getting stuck in a negative perception of yourself through comparison.

Negative Self-Talk

Emotions are energy in motion. It is damaging to our well-being when we suppress feelings. When we suppress feelings, we experience anxiety. This anxiety often takes the form of negative mind chatter and psychosomatic responses. Negative mind chatter and repetitive thoughts might be unfelt or deep sensitivities of the inner child.
Often, repetitive thoughts are based on illusion—distorted beliefs, a feeling that you are a victim, blaming others, or judging yourself and others. This mind chatter is our maladaptive attempt at survival, trying to protect us from pain. Mind chatter employs this defense by keeping us in the world of illusions, keeping our attention on negative
beliefs from our painful past and protecting us from encountering any pain in the future.

Unfortunately, it backfires, and our attention 
to our repetitive negative thoughts attracts more negative experiences to us, which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The mind chatter will keep us from clarity, hearing our wisdom, and devoting our energies to cultivating awareness and our highest good. Repetitive mind chatter is like a siren going off, beckoning us to pay attention to what is really going on within.

How can I calm anxiety and feel positive during this difficult time?

  1. Awareness of your feelings
  2. Acceptance of your feelings
  3. Actions to calm and shift into an open-minded, curious perspective
  4. Deep breath is a tool for being able to calm your nervous system, create space for your feelings, and an opportunity to be with and express your feelings rather than react to them
  5. Interoception is a somatic mind and body practice that I will teach you to help you cultivate the ability to monitor and be with the physiological condition and experiences of your body
  6. Raising pleasure receptors in your body. Pleasure is something we need to survive and creates myriads of positive effects on your mind, body, heart, spirit and relationships. Enjoy the pleasurable activities you loved as a child. Learn to cultivate healthy, organic pleasure from within.
  7. Emotional intimacy is a feeling of bonding with others. Joining a daily group like 3:33, calling a friend, talking to a family member or therapist are ways to open yourself to emotional intimacy rather than shutting down and getting depressed.
  8. Practice curiosity. One of your greatest assets in life is the ability to be comfortable with not knowing. Giving into fear of the unknown will hurt your mind body heart spirit. Curiosity helps you to let go of anxiety and instead listen inward and follow solution-oriented thinking/process that is based on your individual and global big picture and growth.
  9. Heart opening. Let your heart be calm and open to love. In fear, we often go into fight or flight response which creates tension in the heart and hurts your body’s ability to develop antibodies and fight anything your body doesn’t want in it. Keeping your heart calm gives you more energy and more ability to be there for others that need you. I teach these simple concepts and practices.
  10. Spiritual joy. What inspires you as a person- and keeps you passionately aligned with your inner joy? We are not dependent on anything to bring us internal joy but ourselves. Find laughter, think creatively, share love, create intimacy, warm your home, learn new hobbies or things you have always wanted to do, share time and passion.

A sample of a Guided Somatic Meditation I offer in my book and that you will experience at the End of Each Daily 3:33 p.m. Circle

Now, wherever you are, I invite you to imagine that I am reading this aloud to you. Begin to tune in to your breath. You might wish to revisit the breath practice as a way to warm up and tune in. Think of it as a muscle, and with repetition, you will become spontaneously adjusted to this way of receiving breath and your body.

The eternal vastness of spiritual connection to life force is through your body. Your senses are your doors of perception. Breathe. Allow that channel to open inside of your body. Turn your television off. Turn your music off. For now, gently close your eyes. Listen to what is happening in the room or the space you are in. Even if you don’t hear a thing. Listen. There is always something happening. Listen to the resonances in the air. Find the quiet spaces between each thought in your mind. Accept all that you are hearing. Allow all thoughts a gentle acceptance and a fluid morphing, passing. Notice your breath, your expanding diaphragm, pulsing organs and heart. Feel the movement of vibration in your body, sending breath to the core of each rhythmic pulse. Allow these sensations to affect you inside. The trembling of breath in your body. Take in the sensation of sound, feel how this experience of sound creates a sensory response in your body. Feel where in your body this sensation expands.


Your senses connect your internal body and the outside world, outside inside, inside outside, we are in union. Your senses are like receivers for your body. Begin to notice how each sense creates a response within. Taste, touch, smell, listen, breathe. Notice where.
Notice your heart beating. Notice the fire within your heart, the blazing heat and the sensation. Allow your breath to expand into this internal sensation, the vibrational pulse within. Expanding this body heat, feel your breath in the middle of the sun. As you bring in, breathe more deeply, notice that you can hear, smell, taste and feel with a heightened sensation now. Your internal and external sensations are opening up a little bit more now. I invite into you the earth’s vibration, hypnotic hum and harmonics. It’s happening all the time beneath you, within you. Beyond words, logic, and rational thoughts, listen within for the emotional content these sensations arouse. Allow each sound to shift your internal life.


Now, open your eyes, ears and nose. Imagine your eyes are like fingertips. See and feel life and beauty in everything everywhere. Let your eyes cast onto whatever is in front of you, the surface of something. Notice all of the facets of the layers of the surface. Like prisms. You might think you only see a white piece of paper, a black computer, or a wooden floor. That surface is made up of thousands of different reflections of color and molecules. They are all made of vibration of energy that is interlocking to create that surface. Your skin is created in the same way. Touch the fabric on your body, your skin, your hair. Become enamored. Allow yourself to feel with your eyes, expanding the internal sensations by deepening, expanding your breath into the center of these feelings. Allow yourself to experience any emotions that are aroused. Continue to focus on your breath and internal sensations, moving forward, allowing each moment to build, meld, change, crumble, and build, and on and on. Notice how willing you are to accept the sensations you are experiencing within. Notice the heat within, the movement of energy. Notice when you begin to block the experience of sensation or feeling. This is simply information about you. Don’t judge. Simply bring your awareness back to your breath and continue focusing on taking in the sensation through whichever sense you are focusing on now. This is true intimacy with the outside world. This is the essence of the cultivation of somatic experience in your body and the life-affirming vibrancy of love

I hope you join I AM, and participate. Especially during this incredibly shocking change of pace, lifestyle and perspective. Let’s allow this change to become a surrender to deeper human and global consciousness, and become a conduit for our expansion, vibrance, and enlightenment as a species.

I love you all. ❤️ ~ Maggie Moor, visionary, healer, psychotherapist and author

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Reviews from Participants at I AM Circle 3:33pET

‘You are a beautiful ray of sun. each meeting of the circle, opens my consciousness more to a state of love and peace with myself, thank you for your teaching that transcends souls.🙏🙏🙏🙏❤ ‘

‘Maggie Moor, You are definitely a very beautiful and very special being, thank you for your contributions to being better human beings.’

‘Thanks you for sharing your beautiful heart and energy. ‘

‘You are very soft spoken, smooth, and relaxing to listen to.’

‘Both Freud & Darwin ❤️ Yes, riveting and therapeutic. Mesmerizing talks and meditations.’

‘Your perception is quite exquisite. You are amazing. Thank you for sharing your love with us. Be well and stay safe.’