How do we Calm Anxiety and Open to Pleasure? 

On February 27th, I had the honor of Visionary Speaker at Dr. Ani Kalayjian’s Meaningful World Conference: “Self Care & Transforming Vicarious Trauma.” Certainly a meaningful topic for the health and growth of our human race.  Dr. Kalayjian’s organization is devoted to global outreach for teaching mindfulness, meditation, PTSD healing, and so much more, by traveling to different countries and communities in need, to teach workshops, creates mental and physical care facilities, and give one on one counseling.

I shared a thirty minute talk with the participants and wanted to give you some insight into these health and wellness techniques for Calming Anxiety, informed by my focused work with trauma and anxiety patients.

  • Calming Anxiety. The importance of deep breath. Visceral practices to create experiential deep breath. If you would like to practice with my free video follow this link. CONSCIOUS BREATH w MAGGIE MOOR. 
  • Practicing Acceptance. How do we learn to accept what we are feeling? So many messages tell us that we        “should” change our thoughts. My experience working with trauma and anxiety informs me that acceptance of our current emotional state leads to calming the nervous system. This then naturally opens the mind to different thoughts. It is then that we can shift our perspective or focus our minds and bodies on more pleasurable experience to soothe the emotional angst. First we must be kind and compassionate toward ourselves. Acceptance of ourselves and our emotions is this kind and compassionate gesture. ACCEPTANCE.


  • Raising Pleasure Sensation. I understand that the word “pleasure” is often interpreted as something associated with “guilt” or “gluttony.” Lets redefine pleasure for ourselves. Pleasure is one of the most soothing natural, chemical free, organic, and monetarily free medicines we can gift ourselves. Absolutely free. Yes, there are many different kinds of pleasure, and ways to create pleasure. I am talking about healthy, sustainable pleasure. This kind of pleasure doesn’t harm your body, mind, bank account, or personal relationships. This kind of pleasure can be created by you, in any moment. You can choose to create more pleasure in your body, mind and heart simply by engaging in healthy ways that bring you pleasure. Are you wondering now, ‘hm, what brings me healthy, sustainable, free pleasure?’  


  • This is the fun part. Exploring what brings your unique mind, body, heart, spirit pleasure. Is it a certain fragrance? A walk outdoors? Deep breath? Laughing? Stretching? Exercising? Looking at certain colors? Listening to a song? Singing? Dancing? Touching? Learning what brings you free, healthy, and sustainable pleasure is a fun exploration and it can change of course, day to day, experience to circumstance. The value of crating your own pleasure filled moments is raised Pleasure Input to the body, creating more serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins and healthy, balancing chemistry to your mind body connection and thus your blood and organ circulation. A win win.  To learn more about healthy pleasure, try this article. HONORING YOUR BODY.


  • At the close of my talk at Meaningful World’s Self Care & Trauma Conference, I led a simple Experiential Practice on “Self Talk.” How to observe, experience, accept, and transform your inner self talk, and fundamentally your relationship with yourself.  The most important relationship there is, as it informs how you perceive and relate to all others. Learn more about the exercise here. SELF TALK.



I am so pleased to create greater awareness of mind and body health, and offer tools to help you overcome anxiety.

Thank you Meaningful World, for honoring me as a Visionary Speaker.

Light and Love, Health, Breath and Blessings,

Maggie Moor, Visionary, Healer, Psychotherapist and Author of “I AM.”