What are the 5 most valuable areas of focus?
1. Emotional Awareness
2. Physical Energy
3. Mental Drive
4. Creative Thinking
5. Time

Hi, I’m Maggie Moor. I want to help you develop your full potential.

Where do we start your journey toward deeper self-awareness and enlightenment? Let’s discuss the five most valuable areas of focus in your day to day life. While you read, you should reflect on your own experiences.

1. Emotional Awareness

Emotional awareness, or emotional intelligence, is the ability to both feel and observe your emotions. Have you ever been caught up reacting to a circumstance and later looked back and wished you had retained the ability to choose your perspective and response?

A simple truth: We live in a vast universe with many unknowns. We only have control over our perspective and our actions. Emotional awareness is the ability to understand and take responsibility for what we need, want, and feel. When we lack emotional awareness, we bypass understanding ourselves, get caught up in reactions, and often take action without reflection. This can create problems in our interpersonal and professional relationships because living with little emotional awareness limits us.

The solution is to become more aware of your internal, visceral experience, your conscious feelings and your own mind chatter. The first step is to learn to pause at certain times throughout each day, and become aware of whatever you are feeling and experiencing right now. Then take space to accept whatever you are feeling.Really listen to yourself with compassion. Ask yourself what you need and want. Try to give yourself some aspect of the need or want. This acceptance of self will clear anxiety and open the pathway for emotional awareness, clarity, and greater choice of good action, rather than emotional reaction.

2. Physical Energy

If we don’t treat our own minds and bodies like a temple, we limit our ability to achieve a rich life
experience. We often even cause mental and physical illness to ourselves. Tension and weakness of body lead to chronic restriction of circulation of blood and energy in the body. You will not have sufficient energy, concentration, or stamina to prolong and consciously guide your living experience.

The solution is to put energy into learning what your body needs to run at its best performance. Daily exercise, lots of clean water, clean food, and positive thoughts are important first steps to development. Dedicate yourself to physical health and fitness, and mindful sleep patterns. Value the creation and maintenance of a fluid, supple body that is capable of changing positions easily and moving through the world without psychic or physical discomfort.
At any age you can heal and awaken your body and mind—the power of the mind and body in union is limitless.

3. Mental Drive

We can learn all the steps to take for a healthy mind and body, but may lack the motivation to follow through with consistent self-care. Negative self-talk or low self-confidence often source unhealthy habits that limit our ability to access the natural resources of energy in our minds and bodies. This keeps us stuck in our capacity to achieve a rich and fulfilling life.

Motivation: Let’s analyze where our motivation comes from. When goals aren’t born from true passion and are chosen for accolades and acceptance by others—when we choose to live by social rules and status quo values—we don’t feel aligned. It is a blatant misconception to think that once we achieve everything to the standard and mark that our social connections, television, and the media tell us is the right way to be, we will have achieved happiness and fulfillment.
You have a choice. You can travel down this path of separation from your true self, your true nature rendered meaningless, lost, or forgotten. Or you can place value in learning about yourself, your deeper, inner longings, and hearts.
Union with true self is where vitality is bred. This begins by cultivating emotional awareness, and learning to accept our true self. The more aligned you seek to be with yourself, the more this wellspring of potential within your mind and body union can organically prosper.

4. Creative Thinking

Fears of the unknown or repeating stories of the past limit our ability to think creatively. By being present, we access spontaneous thought, intuition, and awareness that allows for greater perspective, choice, and action. Your choices in the present create the foundation as your future unfolds. Don’t let fear hold you back.

Your mind can get stuck on both remembering and planning. Reflection on the past and planning the future are essential to our progression in life. The challenge is to not live in the past or future. This can become problematic because too much of either almost always expresses fear and anxiety. This limits our potential for creative thought, and keeps us stuck in a box.
The “monkey mind” in Buddhist psychology obsesses over pleasure and attainment, repeating memory and planning relentlessly is a sign that your body and mind wants soothing from anxiety through clarification.A manic search for a way to quell the longing through material attachment often only creates a defended state of reliving the past and rejecting the now. By letting go of the monkey mind’s pursuit of pleasure, going from thing to thing to feel better, they seek soothing through directed meditation of the mind, turning the will over to communing with the divine.
Begin to notice when you are going through the motions or defending against being. You want to learn to curiously explore the present. It begins with acceptance of what is now. Practice accepting what is now. Here, you can think creatively and new thoughts and feelings can occur. Here, life can continue to evolve.

5. Time

Overworked people often suffer from overwhelm. Time management and creativity with how you use and view time is an important aspect of creating the rich life experience you desire.

Understanding time management is about understanding your values. I can’t tell you what your values are or should be. I can help you understand yourself better to discover on your own.
Look at your goals and assess what you value and how much time you want to allot to each thing. Do you value physical health, professional development, personal relationships, and mental calm? Each value deserves a devotion of energy and time each day. Some days will allow for more time spent on one thing rather than another, but if you want each area of your life to develop, it is important to manage your time mindfully. Allow for clarity of focus on each area for a certain amount of time each day. In fact, you will be enamored by how each aspect feeds the other and thus yourself.
Continuing with time management, presence is key. It’s more rewarding than the busy-bee mentality. Let’s not mistake productivity with being busy because they are not the same and it seems many are more busy than productive these days. Being effective is better than being simply productive. Being present gives you the opportunity to be effective. Seek the motivation to be present and effective in tasks aligned with your values, rather than listlessly productive.


Now that you know the five most valuable areas of focus, I encourage you to journal your reflections to the following questions:
Think about what creates the most anxiety in your life.

What visceral experience am I having right now?

Am I conflicted over feelings and trying to push them away?

How does my mind react to this present moment?

Does my mind chatter occur more at certain times of day or in certain circumstances?

Can I become more aware of it when this does occur and learn to move gracefully through checking in with myself?

For example: What am I feeling?
Can I accept my feelings and be with them (me)?
Can I breathe deeply and contain my feelings while moving through the circumstance, without reacting?
Can I become aware of my feelings and choose actions for healthy communications or shifts if and when the time is right?

Ask yourself if you would be willing to try to become more aware of making it a focus to pause a few times throughout each day to tune into your body.

One of my resting notes is: “Energy never dies, it is continuously transforming.”

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