My mission . . .

Are you tired, overworked, and overwhelmed? You know there’s something more to life than working, but you’re not quite sure how to achieve your greatest potential.

Hi, I’m Maggie Moor. I want to help you achieve your greatest potential. I help overworked people learn to better approach daily pressures of life.

I call my school of teaching “I AM” and hope to offer a community experience.

I am a visionary, healer, licensed psychotherapist, expert in eastern spirituality, and author. Through my 1:1 coaching, group programs, and book: “I Am: Your Guide to Mind and Body Union for Total Awareness,” I guide people like you to regain their mind-body connection, and ultimately their full potential.

I welcome you to my blog for exclusive teachings, meditations, and exercises that shift your perspective to create a positive outlook and increase self-confidence.

Does any of the following sound like you?

● Are you stuck in a repetitive cycle?

● Are you overwhelmed and overworked?

● Do you feel you get caught in your emotions?

● Does fear hold you back from achieving your goals?

● Do you feel disconnected in your relationships?

● Have you lost your sense of self?

I can help you:

● Learn to shift your perspective to live a happier, richer, pleasure-filled life.

● Learn to create natural joys in your life.

● Learn to control your reactions to daily life.

● Gain self-confidence.

● Learn to act with kindness and love.

● Find self-awareness through mind-body connection.

My Story

If you know me, which I hope you feel you do already, and feel you want to keep knowing me, you will learn that while I have credentials, to offer you, I also have a vast amount of life experience, trials, tribulations, and successes, that have sculpted my ability to understand you, from the inside, feel compassion for you and identify quickly how I can best help you.

More than twelve years ago, I was in deep spiritual, emotional, and physical pain.

My healing path included a study in yoga and meditation in Varanasi, India, Gestalt talk therapy, an official degree in psychoanalysis, work with many healers, and therapists, focusing daily on the part of me that wanted to live and thrive. I have since become a national fitness athlete, recorded albums and music videos, written manuscripts, developed warm and loving relationships in my personal life, and found a passion for helping others. My own healing and rejuvenation led me to my passion for helping others heal themselves from personal trauma and connect to their internal emotional lives and natural sources of energy and power. You can learn to develop to this part of you that wants to live your fullest potential.

I want to help you achieve your greatest potential.

That’s why I wrote this book and began teaching others the methods included! I want to help you achieve your greatest potential.

In I AM, we discuss psychological perspectives, mind-body awareness, and meditation. You learn how to apply the techniques and principles to your daily life.


How do you speak to your own body?

Lets get started! This journal practice will help you to begin the journey to advance your mindset, achieve a healthy mind-body relationship, and start living your fullest potential. I invite you to engage in a simple exercises on mind body connection. and start writing in your mind and body journal.

Try this simple exercise!

It will help you learn about your own internal dialogue:

1. Sit down for a few minutes and look in the mirror.

2. See what thoughts come to mind.

3. Simply write down all the ways in which you speak to your body.

4. Do this practice once a week for four weeks.

We can tune back in during the month of September to discuss more ways to develop a healthy mind and body union, and to learn to live a richer life.

Until then, I hope you join the community! Join the newsletter, follow my instagram, ready my book, and create an intake session for 1:1 virtual mentoring to see if I might be the right person to help you achieve your greatest potential and become of service to the good of humankind.