Do you know your unique and limitless potential?

We are all born with limitless potential. We are born with unique gifts, limitless curiosity, and a mind that can develop deep awareness and heightened perceptions like intuition that can help us navigate our own development in alignment with our greatest desires and achievements. Yet, somehow in life, as we become socially adjusted, maybe go through traumatic experiences, or develop a distrust in our sense of ourselves, we may lose self-confidence, lose the ability to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, lose our ability to have open minded curiosity and acceptance. When we lose these natural and core characteristics and perspectives, we generally shift from having a loving, open heart to shutting down, tensing and feeling a heart filled with fear and overwhelm. Do you relate to any of this? I understand.

My story of struggle and healing

More than twelve years ago, I was in deep spiritual, emotional, and physical pain.

My healing path included a study in yoga and meditation in Varanasi, India, Gestalt talk therapy, an official degree in psychoanalysis, work with many healers, and therapists, focusing daily on the part of me that wanted to live and thrive.

I have since become a national fitness athlete, recorded albums and music videos, written manuscripts, developed warm and loving relationships in my personal life, and found a passion for helping others. My own healing and rejuvenation led me to my passion for helping others heal themselves from personal trauma and connect to their internal emotional lives and natural sources of energy and power.

You can learn to develop this part of you that wants to live your fullest potential.

Our positivity is a renewable resource

I believe that our natural characteristics, our natural essence, our natural positive perspective is a renewable resource. We may feel disconnected from these parts of ourselves but they are never truly lost. I am living proof of this. I am here to remind and teach you to discover your full potential and continue to be a successful innovator in this growing world.

Today, I have found myself a visionary, healer, licensed psychotherapist, expert in eastern spirituality, and author. I offer 1:1 coaching, group programs, and book: I Am: Your Guide to Mind and Body Union for Total Awareness, I guide people like you to regain their mind-body connection, and ultimately their full potential.

Whether we are working 1:1, you are listening to my talks, reading my blogs and book, or joining my newsletter, my daily responsibility is simple: I am passionately dedicated to helping you find a reverence for listening to your own heart, developing ways to heal from personal trauma and connect to your natural sources of energy and power.

I am here to share perspective and simple techniques that everyone can use to innovate their own lives and create a peaceful growth in the well being of humankind. This passion for service drives everything I do. And if you are reading this it is my hope that one day I’ll have the chance to help you too.

Journaling as a growth tool

I wrote this book and began teaching others the methods included because I want to help you achieve your greatest potential.

In I AM, we discuss psychological perspectives, mind-body awareness, and meditation. You learn how to apply the techniques and principles to your daily life.

Let’s get started right now! Advance your mindset, achieve a healthy mind-body relationship, and start living your fullest potential by integrating a few key practices into your life.

One method I love: journaling.

Journal Question 1: “How do you speak to your own body?”

For this month, I invite you to engage in a simple exercises on mind body connection. and start writing in your mind and body journal.

Try this simple exercise! It will help you learn about your own internal dialogue:

Sit down for a few minutes and look in the mirror. See what thoughts come to mind. Simply write down all the ways in which you speak to your body.

Do this practice once a week for four weeks.

Tune back in at the start of September to discuss more ways to develop a healthy mind and body union, and to learn to live a richer life.

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